Medical Examiner District
Case Number
Date of Death or Discovery
Estimated Age of Decedent
Presumed Race
Estimated Height
5' - 6'
Estimated Weight
115 lbs

Location Found: 2033 North A1A, Indialantic, Florida- washed ashore

Hair: brown

Eyes: No details available

Facial Features: No details available

Tattoos: on right deltoid area is a tattoo with M.D.P. underneath is described as an upside-down mosquito, to the lower right under the P. is a sun or star burst underneath are the words MAdRE MiA...with the exception of the first letter in each word, the capital letters are the same size as the lower case letters. Tattoo belived to be a cuban jail tattoo

Scars, Surgeries and Other Dental and Medical Information: Dental: Upper Right-Second and First Molar Occlusal Amalgam, Upper Left; First Bicupid- Mesial, Occulusal and Distal all Amalgam, Second Bicuspid Missing (closed) First Molar Mesial, Occlusal, and Lingual all Amalgam, Second Molar Occlusal Amalgam. Lower Left Third Molar Occlusal Amalgam, Second Molar Occlusal and Buccal Amalgam, First Molar missing (closed), Lateral & Central Incisors Missing (open socket). Lower Right Cetral and Lateral Incisor missing (open socket. Lower Right-Second Bicuspid Missing (closed), First Molar Mesial Occlusal Distal all Amalgam, Second Molar Mesial, Occlusal and Buccal all Amalgams, Third Molar Occlusal Amalgam

Jewelry: none

Clothing and Shoes: long sleeve green shirt and blue jeans

Personal Effects: none

Other Details: positive for alcohol, believed to be in his 30's raft and two kilos of cocaine were nearby, possible connection to Haitian man washed ashore alive in S. Florida a week prior who lost 2 companions

Please contact the District office listed below the FLUIDDB number for questions regarding this unidentified person.


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District 20 Medical Examiners Office
239-434-5020, extension 1 or