Medical Examiner District
Case Number
Date of Death or Discovery
Estimated Age of Decedent
Presumed Race
Estimated Height
5' - 6'
Estimated Weight
100 lbs.

Location Found: Lake Panasoffkee, NW of Orlando

Hair: Black or dark brown

Eyes: No details available

Facial Features: No details available

Tattoos: No details available

Scars, Surgeries and Other Dental and Medical Information: Orthopedic surgery had been performed on her right ankle due to instability in the ankle. This procedure is known as the "Watson-Jones" technique which involved drilling two small holes in the anklebone and winding a tendon through them (the surgery could have been performed between 1967 and 1970). It appears she had given birth to at least one child. She had extensive dental work, including caps, fillings and crowns (a porcelin crown is on one of her front teeth)

Jewelry: Ring with a large clear stone on right hand; Yellow metal watch on left wrist.

Clothing and Shoes: Flowered print shawl with fringed borger; Plain cotton blouse; Green flowered pants; Bra; Nylon underwear

Personal Effects: No details available

Other Details: Decedent is likely a runaway. She has been nicknamed "Little Miss Panasoffkee." Shovelling of central incisor suggests possible Native American ancestry. Height is estimated to be 5'1". The decedent's estimated age is 18-23 years old.

Artist sketches can be found on the Doe Network's website

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