Medical Examiner District
Case Number
Date of Death or Discovery
Estimated Age of Decedent
Presumed Race
Estimated Height
5' - 6'
Estimated Weight
180-200 lb

Location Found: Burns Rd. North of US41, 4 miles East of Ochopee.

Hair: Long, wavy black hair measuring 12-14 cm long.

Eyes: Brown

Facial Features: Clean shaven

Tattoos: On decedents back there is a large, poorly executed tattoo of man with a halo. He is walking on two crutches and displaying numerous wounds. In front of him are two dogs. The background indicates a church, a mountain, and a sun rise. An expert in the field has suggested that the image is of Saint Lazarus on crutches. The decedent may have come from a Catholic background. Or the image may symbolize the Santeria deity 'Babalu-aye,' who is considered the deity of healing.Photo of Tattoo

Scars, Surgeries and Other Dental and Medical Information: Multiple scars on forehead including a 2.5 cm by 0.5 cm scar on the right anterior forehead, a 5 cm by 0.6 cm scar on the right side near the hairline, and multiple irregular scars at the midforehead, there is a well healed 3 cm by 0.4 cm scar over right knee. The upper jaw is completely edentulous. The lower jaw is partially edentulous. There were no dentures.

Jewelry: None

Clothing and Shoes: Decedent was wearing blue pullover sweater over a dark blue sweater, black slacks with brown belt, white underwear.

Personal Effects: None

Other Details: The decedent is between 5'10" and 6'0" tall. The police report mentions the name "Eduardo Bellito DeLina" as a possible name for the decedent but a records check on the name was conducted with negative results. Other names/ nicknames referred to in the police report are "Kuku" or "Cuckoo" and "Cuquito". No other information exists about the validity of these names.

Artist Rendering: Sketch 1 by Tricia Blair   Sketch 2 by Natalie Murry

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